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Ido Portal Movement XUnique Movement X experience weekend by Ido Portal
We are proud to announce that Ido Portal, the movement teacher from Israel, will visit us at CrossFit Amersfoort on the 7th and 8th of June 2014. He will share his unique vision on mobility, handbalancing, gymnastics and locomotion with us during the 'Ido Portal Movement X Experience weekend'. Please note that the number of participants is limited!

About Ido Portal
Ido began studying martial arts as a child, and at the age of fifteen he discovered the Brazilian martial art form, Capoeira. Later he would go on to train in gymnastics, boxing, dance, yoga, and more. With his great experience in some of the most versatile and demanding types of sports, and his many studies in anatomy, physiology, and other sports, he created a unique system of movement.

In this two day event we will be exploring a variety of movement concepts and systemized practices
1. Mobility from isolated/integrated joint mobility to the subject of bulletproofing the body through Joint Prep practices.
2. Loaded Progressive Stretching (LPS)a system of stretches for increasing functional range of motion in adults in the quickest, safest and most efficient manner.
3. Handbalancingthe process behind achieving a solid freestanding handstand. If you think kicking up against and wall and just trying again and again will get you there, you are up for a surprise. Other positions taught and explored: the Elbow Lever and One Arm Elbow Lever.
4. Gymanstics Oriented Strength Developmentprogressions towards Gymnastics Ring Work from Muscle Ups to Ring Routines, One Arm Chin Ups, Planches and Front Levers, corrective exercises for shoulder health and more…
5. Locomotionan exploration of various low gate movement patterns used for strength, conditioning, mobility, increasing movement complexity and digesting movement material.